We are the groundbreaking charity that combines world-class archaeology with veteran care and recovery.

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Lockdown Lectures

Watch Lockdown Lecture 1

Join a team of international experts for our brand-new lecture series, featuring gripping new perspectives on the battle, the latest news about our dig discoveries, and the techniques archaeologists use to uncover the secrets of the past.

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Dig Diary

Read the latest Dig Diary

Find out what the WU family have been up to, including an exciting TV appearance, a new PhD project, volunteering during the coronavirus crisis and beginning an exciting new fundraiser.

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The Battle to Save Lives

Watch the Battle to Save Lives

Wellington’s Field Hospital during the Battle of Waterloo, located at Mont-Saint-Jean, was the main target for the 2019 dig. Check out the first of our series of brand-new short films to learn about the secrets we uncovered there, and elsewhere on the battlefield.

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2.6 Challenge

Read more about the 2.6 Challenge

We’re raising money to support our vital work in veteran recovery by taking on the 2.6 Challenge – and you can help us! Read on to find out how you can take on the challenge yourself or donate to support us from now until the 18th of June.

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Explore with Waterloo Uncovered

Take a journey to Waterloo as we bring history to life through videos, articles, lectures and interviews, and photographs. Join Tony Pollard, Phil Harding and others for our Lockdown Lectures, catch up on all the latest news in our monthly Dig Diaries, and follow the finds as they emerge from the ground with our film series from the Battle To Save Lives to an Archaeological Bombshell!

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Our story

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Waterloo Uncovered is a registered UK charity that combines a world‐class archaeology project on the battlefield of Waterloo with veteran care and recovery. Working in partnership with some of Europe's top universities, and through the unique perspective of a team comprised of archaeologists, veterans, and serving soldiers, Waterloo Uncovered aims to understand war and its impact on people — and to educate the public about it.

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Learn more about the archaeology

Since 2015, we've been uncovering the secrets of the Battle of Waterloo with an international team of expert battlefield archaeologists and the help of veterans, serving military personnel, volunteers and students. Here, you can explore our full archive of finds, watch our Archaeological Summary videos from each year of the project, view our detailed fieldwork reports, and find information on how you can get involved in archaeology.

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Learn how we're supporting veterans

Since we began in 2015, over a hundred veterans and serving military personnel, many suffering from the mental and physical impacts of their service, have made the journey with us to Waterloo to participate in the excavations. Once there, they’ve discovered much about the conflict - and about themselves. Find out more about our 12-month Welfare Programme and hear testimonies from the veterans themselves.

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Donate to Waterloo Uncovered

Waterloo Uncovered is a registered charity, and our vital work in veteran welfare and recovery, as well as our important archaeological work at Waterloo, relies on donations and support from organisations, charities and individuals. We can only continue supporting veterans and serving personnel, and uncovering the secrets of the Battlefield, with your help. Can you help a veteran begin their journey towards recovery with Waterloo Uncovered?

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