1815 Challenge: Take the Challenge for Charity!

For Veterans and Serving Personnel, their most important fight isn’t in the military – it’s finding peace afterwards.

Emerge from lockdown with a bang by trying something new, challenging yourself, and supporting a good cause. All money raised will help Waterloo Uncovered continue its support of veterans recovering from the traumas of war.

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Waterloo Uncovered Needs You!

Despite Covid stopping us from traveling to Belgium to excavate on the battlefield, we have continued to support veterans throughout the pandemic. Recognising an increased need for our help we are supporting more veterans this year than ever before with four Support Programmes.

To raise vital funds for these programmes, we’re launching our exciting new fundraising challenge based around the year the Battle of Waterloo took place: 1815, and kicking off on the anniversary of the Battle itself!

Will you take the challenge and help us smash our £20,000 target?

What is the 1815 Challenge?

Kick off a month of fun and fundraising from the 18th of June to the 18th of July and join us for the Waterloo Uncovered 1815 Challenge!

The concept is simple: pick a challenge or activity focusing on the numbers 18, 15, or 1815, and set up a fundraising page so your friends and family can sponsor you. You can pick something you’ve always wanted to try, something that will help your community, something that will challenge you – or just something you think sounds like fun. There’s plenty of time to get involved, so start brainstorming ideas now!

Let’s Put the Fun in Fundraising

The sky’s the limit for the 1815 Challenges, and we’re looking forward to seeing what creative ideas you can come up with! Here’s some inspiration to get you started

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Your challenge is totally up to you – use your imagination! And don’t worry if you can’t quite make it fit the 1815 theme; it’s only there as a guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Raise Money?

It’s easy – just set up your own JustGiving Fundraising page using our template, and ask your friends, family and social media followers to sponsor your challenge! Alternatively, you can make a donation to support the challenge via our central 1815 Challenge JustGiving page.

Start a Fundraising Page
Donate Directly

How do I Share my Challenge with Others?

There are plenty of ways to get the word out – you can call or email your friends and family, ask your colleagues to sponsor you, or post about your challenge on social media. Make sure you tag us on social media so we can thank you and share what you’re doing to support us – we’re @digwaterloo on Twitter, @waterloo_uncovered on Instagram, and Waterloo Uncovered on Facebook.

If you really can’t take on a challenge yourself, help us out by sharing the challenge with your friends (18 or 15 of them, if you can!) and encourage them to take part. With your support, we can raise the funds needed to run our four Veteran Support Programmes, and to help us get back to Belgium next year, so we can uncover more evidence from 1815 and help even more veterans find peace from war.

Need Some More Inspiration?

Last year, we ran a highly successful 2.6 Challenge, which involved doing 2.6 of absolutely anything to raise money, to replace the money lost after the cancellation of the 26 mile London Marathon. The Waterloo Uncovered community got involved and came up with some amazing and creative challenges, helping us raise over £16,000 to support veterans! Here are some of the fantastic challenges from last year to inspire your own 1815 challenge:

Kate title card
Rachel title card

Download our 1815 Pack now to get all the information and resources you need to complete your own 1815 Challenge: