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Want to get fit and give back this summer? Join our 1815 Challenge and run, swim, walk or cycle 18.15km for veterans! You can do it alone or as part of a team, all at once or in bits and pieces...the choice is yours.

Shake off lockdown and do 18.15km (11 miles) your way this summer while raising money for our life-changing veteran support programmes. Click below to create your fundraising page and start your challenge!

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Donate to Support Veterans

Can't take the challenge? You can still show your support for veterans and serving personnel by helping us reach our fundraising goal.

All money raised will help Waterloo Uncovered continue its support of veterans recovering from the traumas of war. Any amount helps and we're extremely grateful for your support. Click below to make a donation and help us reach our goal!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Take Part?

First, choose how you'd like to complete your 18.15km (11 miles) - you could swim, cycle, walk, run, skate, row, or anything you like! Secondly, decide whether you'll be doing the challenge by yourself, or as part of a team - you could take the challenge solo, or split the distance between you and your friends to make it easier. Lastly, choose whether you'll be completing the distance all at once, or a mile at a time - you've got the whole summer, so there's plenty of time! Once you've chosen how you'll complete your 18.15km, you're ready to get started and begin raising money for veterans and serving personnel. 

How Do I Raise Money?

There are several ways to raise money through your 1815 Challenge - either make a direct donation via JustGiving to help us reach our target, or make a fundraising page in one simple click using our 1815 Challenge template, and ask your friends and family to sponsor you!

I'm Not Sporty - Can I Do a Different Challenge?

Of course! You can do anything you like - so far, participants have decided to write 1815 words a day for a month, do 18 hours of meditation, paint for 15 days, and do 18 days of yoga! The sky's the limit for the 1815 Challenge and we can't wait to see what creative ideas you can come up with. Download our 1815 Challenge Pack now for all the information and ideas you need to come up with your own 1815 Challenge!

How Do I Share My Challenge?

There are plenty of ways to get the word out – you can call or email your friends and family, ask your colleagues to sponsor you, or post about your challenge on social media. Make sure you tag us on social media so we can thank you and share what you’re doing to support us – we’re @digwaterloo on Twitter, @waterloo_uncovered on Instagram, and Waterloo Uncovered on Facebook.

How Will the Money Be Used?

Waterloo Uncovered combines archaeology and education with veteran care and recovery. All funds raised will go towards the cost of the four veteran support programmes we are running in 2021, to support as many veterans and serving personnel through the pandemic as possible. These programmes combines year round wellbeing support with archaeology, creative arts, education, social activities to combat loneliness and help transitioning into civilian life. Find out more here.

Waterloo Uncovered taught me so much about myself and about what career I wanted. It showed me the way ahead. It showed me a passion I enjoyed and wanted to develop. It inspired me to learn more and to take the next step, it improved my happiness, my ambition, my zest for life - it changed me for the better in so many ways. Quote from Alastair, 2019 participant.
If you can support WU please do so, it's a charity that helps people like myself who've been injured whether physically or mentally. It's support that is absolutely vital. Quote from Jamie, a 2020 participant.