David Ulke

Welfare Officer

David welcomed the opportunity to join the Waterloo Uncovered excavations, having had 27 years’ experience in the Royal Air Force as a Nursing Officer specialised in mental health.

“Waterloo Uncovered gave me the chance to participate as a medical expert or as a digger, but I ended up doing both! It was also an opportunity for me to explore an itch that needed scratching for many many years, since I’d been interested in archeology from childhood.”

The project inspired him to undertake a degree in archeology at the University of Leicester, and on the 2016 excavation, David was fortunate enough to work with a leading archeologist: “In 2016 I spend my two weeks in a trench with Phil Harding” he said, “and that as an experience was just priceless. I couldn’t have learned from a better person, he’s an outstanding digger and a brilliant teacher.”

More recently, David has been working as a specialist Welfare Officer, working to support the veterans on our veteran support programmes.


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