Mark Evans

CEO and Co-Founder

Mark is one of the founders of the Waterloo Uncovered project, and is currently the charity’s CEO. After an MA in public archaeology at University College London, he joined the army, and served six years in the Coldstream Guards.

After “a bit of a rubbish tour in Afghanistan”, Mark was diagnosed with PTSD, and left the army. During his recovery, he took part in excavations with other charities, and was struck by the value of archaeology as a means to help veterans.

In 2015, he and his friend Charles Foinette (a fellow archaeologist and still serving officer in the Coldstream Guards) had the occasion to bring soldiers and veterans to the battlefield at Waterloo to dig a few trenches and mark the bicentenary year of the battle. They called the project ‘Waterloo Uncovered’.

While W.U. initially was meant as a one off, Mark confesses it has since then “grown arms and legs” to become an established charity, and a multinational collaboration due to carry on until at least 2020. Making good use of his talents as an archaeologist, a soldier and an entrepreneur, Mark leads Waterloo Uncovered with ever high hopes, and a seemingly inexhaustible energy.


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