Rod Eldridge

Welfare Officer

After serving 27 years in the Army deploying on 8 operational tours, including Iraq and Afghanistan, Rod retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel 5 years ago and now works as a clinical lead for Walking With The Wounded. He not only assisted Waterloo Uncovered in his capacity as a mental health professional, but also joined us for one week of the dig as a veteran.

Upon his return to the UK he commented: “What an amazing experience learning about conflict archaeology along with other veterans and students from other nations. Being outdoors participating and contributing to the understanding of one of the most significant battles of all time was so rewarding. It was so special to be amongst like-minded people, with the squaddie banter and camaraderie. I was physically exhausted most days, but it was good to graft and get a sweat on, my nursey soft hands now have several blisters. I feel like a new man, so relaxed and happy, I can’t believe the change in me. This was the first time since leaving the Army in 2012 with mental health difficulties that I have been afforded the chance to be a beneficiary. I think we forget to care for the carers. Waterloo Uncovered has been a much needed tonic which I recommend for anyone.”

More recently, Rod has been supporting our Veterans' Programmes as a specialist Welfare Officer, providing help, support and advice to our veteran participants.


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