Partner Organisations

CBA and University of Glasgow Logos

Centre for Battlefield Archaeology, Glasgow University

The Centre for Battlefield Archaeology, Glasgow University, is a pioneer and world leader in the fields of battlefield and conflict archaeology and has carried out archaeological investigations on conflict sites ranging from the medieval to modern eras across the globe. The Centre provides Waterloo Uncovered with essential expertise, not least through the provision of its Director, Prof. Tony Pollard as one of our archaeological directors.

L P Archaeology logo

L~P Archaeology

L - P : Archaeology are a UK based commercial archaeological unit, founded in 1999. L - P has won awards for its archaeological practice, and it is a CIfA registered organisation. They bring with them a variety of expertise to the Waterloo Uncovered project, including field direction, data management, surveying, and publication production.

Ghent University logo

ORBit team, Department of Soil Management, Ghent University

Gent University have provided the services of their Department of Soil Management, specifically the research group soil spatial inventory techniques: ORBit. They specialise in mobile non-invasive techniques for soil inventory, including detailed archaeological prospections over larger areas. The team has prior experience at Waterloo where it surveyed successfully an area of 10 ha next to the farm of La Haye Sainte using an electromagnetic induction sensor in 2014. They provide Waterloo Uncovered with mapped information to direct the field excavations. The team is currently also surveying the WWI fields near Ypres in Flanders and participates in the Stonehenge Hidden Landscape project.

University College Roosevelt and Universiteit Utrecht logo

University College Roosevelt, Utrecht University

University College Roosevelt is the Liberal Arts and Sciences University College of Utrecht University. They provide undergraduate archaeology students to take part in our July excavations. During the dig, and upon their return to the university, these students conduct outreach work, for example in local schools to tell more people in the Netherlands about the project and the role of the Dutch troops in the battle. Students also conduct their own undergraduate research projects supported by Waterloo Uncovered and UCR.

SPW logo

Service Public de Wallonie

The Service Public de Wallonie (Walloon Public Service) is the Walloon region administration, and brings its expertise to the Walloon government, helping it in its missions and implementing its policies. Based in Namur, it is divided in 7 DGOs (operational directorates) represented in all Walloon provinces. The Heritage Department, which comprise the archaeology one, is under DGO4 which notably has an antenna in Wavre, head city of Brabant province.
The archaeology department of the Brabant regulate and oversee all archaeological works in the region. They collaborate with Waterloo Uncovered, and the project would not exist without them. Not only do they underwrite the necessary permits, but they are active participants in the project, providing valuable links to the local community and Belgian stakeholders.