Anna Kelton

Summer excavations 2016 & 2017

The charity Help for Heroes introduced Anna to the project because they knew it might be something for her. Anna then happily signed up to become part of the 2016 team and added that “It was something that interested me and it didn’t matter that I have a disability. My wheelchair wasn’t going to be a problem”. She was hoping to gain experience in something new and ended up loving it. “I liked digging holes, obviously having been in the military! But also loved the days in the finds room, cleaning up the found materials”.

The best part to Anna was when she was given a big block of sand which, upon cleaning it, turned out to be a beautiful piece of chain. At the end of the 2016 excavation, she said “I felt like part of the team and everyone has been so welcoming. It’s great to be around the military again and enjoy the banter! It’s been an honour to be part of it all and it’s kind of sad to go home”.

That was not, however, the end of the WU adventure for Anna: she joined the Waterloo Uncovered team once more in 2017 — this time, accompanied by her mother Dorothy. Both enjoyed sharing the two weeks of archaeology, and Anna made some great finds including a hollow uniform button in the Killing Zone.

For her part, Dorothy said: “I love it, it is fantastic. It is something I have wanted to do since I was thirteen, so it has been a long time coming. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, I have learned a lot.”

Anna in 2016
Anna and Dorothy in 2017