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Read our reports and project reviews to find out more about our work on the Battlefield.
Project Review Volume 1
The first volume of our Project Review covers the four excavations we’ve run between 2015 and 2016. In magazine format, it reveals how veterans and archaeologists have been working side by side to unearth new information about the battle. It covers a range of other activities that have contributed to our knowledge of the site — including metal detecting, geophysics, and more — and tells the stories of those who have taken part in the digs.
Activity Report 2017
In 2017 Waterloo Uncovered focused their work on two areas of the Waterloo Battlefield: Hougoumont Farm and Mont Saint Jean. Hougoumont Farm (where one of the pivotal actions of the battle took place in 1815) has been the site of WU excavations since 2015. Mont Saint Jean (the site for the British Field hospital during and after he battle) was a new area of excavation. This activity report covers our excavations, veteran support work and extra curricular activities.
Project Review Volume 2
The second volume of our Project Review covers our excavations in 2017 and 2018, as well as a range of our other activities including events and comms activities.
Activity Report 2018
This Activity and Impact Report covers our 2018 excavations at Hougoumont, and our public engagement activities including our World Record setting wargame re-enactment of the Battle of Waterloo, the Great Game. It also details our international collaborations, education and outreach activities, fundraising events and the positive impact the programme has had on our veteran participants.
In Numbers & Pictures: 2018
This document gives you a quick overview of our 2018 excavation season, focussing on the headline facts and figures.
Impact Report 2019
Published to mark the 5th anniversary of the charity and coinciding with the 205th anniversary of the battle (June 18th 1815), the Impact Report, entitled Peace from War, highlights the results of a nine-month pilot Veterans and Serving Personnel Support Programme run in conjunction with the excavation on the Belgian battlefield in 2019. It also details our archaeological discoveries – some of the most remarkable in the projects history, including the discovery of human bones – and our public engagement and education activities. The release of our Impact Report was covered in major newspapers including the Times, the Telegraph and the Herald.
Impact Report 2020
2020 was a difficult year for Waterloo Uncovered, as it was for people all around the world. Unfortunately, the global pandemic meant the cancellation of our annual excavation in Belgium. As a result, the team had to work hard and think creatively to adapt to the evolving situation, in order to continue providing much needed support to those who had served their country. Read all about it in our 2020 Impact Report.
2020 Impact cover
Impact Report 2021
2021 saw Waterloo Uncovered build off the successes and innovations in virtual veteran support developed in 2020. This year, we ran a record four programmes, including brand new online courses exploring conflict archaeology and the Battle of Waterloo through the lens of Creative Arts and Finds. 2021 also saw our first Work Experience Programme participant successfully graduate from the programme, international press coverage, engaging in-person and virtual events and fundraisers, and much more. Read our Impact Report, a comprehensive summary of our work and impact in 2021, to find out more.
Impact Report 2022

In 2022, we were finally able to return to the Battlefield with a new group of international veterans and serving military personnel, where we made some of our most exciting and poignant discoveries to date. In addition to our annual excavation, we ran six online support programmes, including our first supporting military spouses; hosted an incredible evening at the National Gallery; made international news; and much, much more!

In this report, you will get an idea of what our small team has managed to achieve this year, achievements that we are incredibly proud of. Read on to find out more.

Cover of 2022 Impact Report

Impact Report 2023

2023 has been another bumper year for Waterloo Uncovered. From adding landmarks back to the Waterloo map to supporting an international group of veterans and students, we’ve made our mark this year!

This past year saw the delivery of four exciting veteran support programmes, targeting new groups of veterans in the Midlands and beyond, alongside a range of community fundraising activities and events.

In the summer, we returned to where it all began for Waterloo Uncovered - Hougoumont Farm - to excavate two fascinating features that have changed our understanding of how the attack on the farm played out. 


Technical Reports

Evaluation Report
April 2015
Read the archaeological report from our first journey to the Waterloo battlefield in Belgium.
Evaluation Report
July 2015
Download the evaluation report from our first summer excavation season in 2015.
Project Design
Summer 2016
Check out the project design for our 2016 summer excavation season at Waterloo.

Technical Report
Summer 2016
Download the technical report for our excavation at Waterloo in summer 2016.
Project Design
Summer 2017
Read the project design for our 2017 field excavation at the site of the Battle of Waterloo.

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