Battlefield Surgery with Mick Crumplin

Listener discretion is advised. In this episode of Visiting Historians, Liam Fitzgerald interviews retired surgeon, curator and historian Mick Crumplin on the gruesome realities of battle wounds, military medicine and battlefield surgery during the Battle of Waterloo.

Monuments to the Dead

Phil Harding recounts the different eras uncovered during excavation of Bulford Camp, Wiltshire, from early burials, to ring ditches, to pits with sophisticated grave goods. From there, he traces a connection from the Neolithic to the Napoleonic through his work on the battlefield of Waterloo.

A Tale of Two Buttons

In the second of Phil Harding’s Lockdown Lectures for Waterloo Uncovered, Phil explains how archaeology can connect us to the people of the past, and how even the smallest items of personal kit can tell the stories of forgotten soldiers. Watch now to find out more about the buttons of Hougoumont, lost during the Battle of Waterloo and rediscovered last year during our excavation at the famous North Gate.