Invictus Games

In April, the Waterloo Uncovered Team attended the first Invictus Games since the pandemic, in the Hague in the Netherlands!

Waterloo Remodelled

Waterloo Uncovered are proud to present a never seen before exhibition at the National Army Museum this October. A brand new, highly accurate diorama of the Battle of Waterloo has been created by Major General James Cowan, supported by model painters from around the world.

Countdown to Christmas with music performed by Jack West-Sherring

Countdown to Christmas

Join Waterloo Uncovered for our Countdown to Christmas, where we recap the highlights of 2020 with facts about our year. Each fact is accompanied by the regimental march of one of the regiments that fought at Waterloo, performed by Jack West-Sherring!

Waterloo Week

Many people like you support our work with help, information, and donations. To begin the conversation about how you can be a fundamental part of our work email today and we’ll walk you through how we create peace from war.This week’s programmeCome back each day this week for exclusive new content:MondayOur highly successful 2.6 Challenge fundraising campaign will culminate …