Summer excavations 2016 & 2017

Chris, a veteran from the parachute regiments, was introduced to Waterloo Uncovered through his work at Help for Heroes. He was mind blown by the scale of the Battle of Waterloo and wanted to learn more about it. “I’m here where it all actually happened, on site, digging up weapons and musket balls that were used in the battle, and when you find something, the last person who held it lived 200 years ago and you get to pick it up”, he explained. “I can now actually picture what it must have looked like, in my mind”.

Throughout his stay on site Chris learned all sorts of things about archaeology and he described it as very enjoyable. He added, “I loved finding out about history and meeting funny people. It’s good to be here, gives me something to smile about when I get back home”. “I am so lucky to have done this twice now. As a Veteran with an Acquired Brain Injury this has added greatly to my wellbeing and helped bring me out of a dip in my life. Thank you all.”

Chris in 2016