Countdown to Christmas with music performed by Jack West-Sherring

Countdown to Christmas

Join Waterloo Uncovered for our Countdown to Christmas, where we recap the highlights of 2020 with facts about our year. Each fact is accompanied by the regimental march of one of the regiments that fought at Waterloo, performed by reenactor and musician Jack West-Sherring on his fife!

Day 1

It’s Day One of our Countdown to Christmas! Today we’re looking back on our Points of Light award – read more about the award here.

Day 2

Where are they now? For Day Two of our Countdown To Christmas, we’re looking at how we’ve achieved our goal of helping veterans transition to civilian life by sharing what some of our veteran participants have achieved since participating in Waterloo Uncovered’s programme!

Day 3

On Day Three of our Countdown to Christmas, we’re remembering yet another award nomination from 2020!

Day 4

How did we adapt when coronavirus prevented us from excavating in Belgium this year? Learn more on Day Four of our Countdown to Christmas.

Day 5

On Day Five of our Countdown to Christmas, find out how we were still able to give our programme participants some hands on archaeological experience, despite lockdown.

Day 6

Have you seen our Lockdown Lectures series? Check it out on Day Six of our Countdown to Christmas here!

Day 7

On Day Seven of our Countdown to Christmas, we’re looking back on the successful partnerships we’ve forged and maintained this year, including with museums, heritage organisations and universities.

Day 8

It’s Day Eight of our Countdown to Christmas, and we’re remembering a week of celebrations in June known as Waterloo Week! Check out the content from Waterloo Week here.

Day 9

For Day Nine of our Countdown to Christmas, we’re looking back on our successful 2.6 Challenge! Thank you to everyone who took part and donated to help us reach our target. Find out how you can join us for our next fundraiser, our virtual event An Evening Uncovered, here.

Day 10

On Day Ten of our Countdown to Christmas we’re celebrating the forty six graduates of the Battlefield Uncovered Summer School, run in collaboration with Utrecht University. Read about the 2021 course and how you can get involved here.

Day 11

Have you read our Impact Report, a comprehensive recap of our 2019 excavation and veteran support programme? If not, check it out on Day Eleven of our Countdown to Christmas. Read the full Impact report here.

Day 12

On the final day of our Countdown to Christmas, check out our Visiting Historian’s podcast here – and brace yourself for even more content coming in 2021, including a complete archive of regimental marches from Waterloo!