Final Day

Just a (very) short post today. More results to follow next week as we process our finds, thoughts and theories.

After a log day backfilling trenches, we’re packed up and on our way home early tomorrow morning.  It’s been two weeks we wont forget. We’ve made new discoveries and new friends. Some have tried archaeology for the first time and others have given their time to teach them. All have been part to of a remarkable project that will be back at Waterloo next year.

the 2015 team

That said, there was still time for Dom to put a final trench into the ‘orchard’, to investigate a linear anomaly running North to South. What he found was a substantial ditch, up to a meter wide and deep and maybe as old as 1815. It will need more investigation in 2016.

Dom's final trench

Dom’s final trench

And there was (at last) time for the team to enjoy the swimming pool at the wonderful Hotel Nivelle-Sud.

the hotel swimming pool

Watch this space for more of our results. And thank you for following our work!