After two fantastic weeks of digging and discoveries, our excavation has come to an end.

The team has been doing some great work and as Bobby said, “We worked hard, but laughed hard as well!” Everyone seems to have had quite a blast and it’s good to see such happy faces every day.

Our team consisted of students, archeologists, veterans as well as serving soldiers from all ages and backgrounds and it was just great to see a mix of people come together and have a wonderful time. People really loved the banter as well as the deeper conversations, and had the chance to meet individuals outside of our own networks.

The best thing about Waterloo Uncovered is that everyone who joins the project takes something away from it. People here have learned about the history at the Hougoumomt farm, acquired skills in archeology, lived the therapeutic aspect of the project, met the most interesting people and have made new friends. And it was not just the supervisors who taught their team members, it was also the other way round. We all learned from each other and it’s the people in the project who really made it something special.

Read all about our team members under the “stories” part of the website to find out more about the brilliant team of Waterloo Uncovered 2016.

I am more than grateful to have been part of such a moving project and thank you for following our work!

Jeanne Bommeljé

Graduate of University College Roosevelt

Communication officer WU2016