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Following the Drum

Catherine Exley
Dive into the untold stories of the women of the Peninsular War with historical novelist Katy Moran, featuring art by Juan Hiriart.

Mick Crumplin

Mick Crumplin
In this episode of Visiting Historians, Liam Fitzgerald interviews retired surgeon, curator and historian Mick Crumplin on the gruesome realities of battle wounds, military medicine and battlefield surgery during the Battle of Waterloo. This episode contains graphic descriptions of injuries and battlefield surgery including amputation. Listener discretion is advised.

An Archaeological Bombshell (2019)

Two men pulling a French Howitzer shell from a trench
Find out about the explosive discovery we made on the reverse slope of the battlefield, in the third film in our Archaeological Summary series covering our 2019 dig.

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Waterloo, can, with some justification, lay claim to being the single most significant day’s fight in European history. Other battles were longer, fought over larger areas or by more combatants, but none can be said to have settled a war in a single afternoon, and to have produced by their result the peace that characterised the continent for so long after 1815.

June Dig Diary

Veteran Jo Clark, the Sutton Hoo helmet, and Napoleon Bonaparte
In this month's Dig Diary, we mark the bicentenary of Napoleon's death, observe Mental Health Awareness Week, and fill you in on how the British Museum team got involved in our Virtual Programme!

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