Waterloo Uncovered Needs You!

With Phil Harding

Phil Harding, known for his work on Channel 4's Time Team and one of Waterloo Uncovered's Archaeological Supervisors, recaps the highlights from our Lockdown Lecture series and has a special request for our viewers and supporters. Can you help us continue our work?

Waterloo Uncovered's mission is threefold: we aim to explore and preserve the archaeology of the world famous battlefield of Waterloo; to share our results with the public through education and public engagement; and to support veterans and serving personnel through their recovery from the traumas of war. The Waterloo Uncovered project brings veterans to Belgium to take part in our archaeological excavations, where they learn new skills while receiving support from our dedicated Welfare Team of medical professionals - most of whom are veterans themselves. Over the last 5 years, we've supported over 100 veterans and serving military personnel, including many who have suffered mental or physical injuries during their service, to transition into civilian life and begin the process of recovery.

But we can't do this without your help. We are a small charity that relies on donations from organisations and individuals, whose generosity we are extremely grateful for. With your support, we hope to continue our work into the future and help as many veterans as possible find peace from war. Will you help us achieve our goal?