Visiting Historians

A podcast that aims to shed new light on the Battle of Waterloo.

Episodes so far

Peter Snow

Visiting historians
In the first episode of our brand new Visiting Historians podcast series, Liam Fitzgerald is joined by author, television presenter and celebrated Napoleonic historian Peter Snow, known widely as the former presenter of Newsnight.
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Patrice Courcelle

Patrice Courcelle
In a written instalment of Visiting Historians translated from French, well-known French military author and illustrator Patrice Courcelle is in conversation with Waterloo Uncovered’s Camille Machiels from Belgium, and describes his passion for bringing the Napoleonic past to life.
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Andrew Roberts

Historian and journalist Andrew Roberts alongside a painting of Napoleon.
In this episode of Visiting Historians, Liam Fitzgerald interviews historian and journalist Andrew Roberts, on Napoleon's experiences, decisions and mistakes at Waterloo. Andrew's works on the Battle of Waterloo include Waterloo: June 18, 1815: The Battle for Modern Europe and Napoleon and Wellington: The Battle of Waterloo—And the Great Commanders Who Fought It.
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About this series

Waterloo Uncovered has been uncovering the secrets of the battlefield of Waterloo through archaeological excavation since 2015. Our Visiting Historians podcast now aims to shed new light on the battle and add valuable context to our archaeological discoveries by combining the archaeology with the history. In each episode, we'll bring you an exclusive interview with some of the world’s leading Napoleonic Historians and experts on the Battle of Waterloo. Check back regularly for new episodes featuring some very special guests!