Ian Morrall

Summer excavation 2017

Ian enlisted in the Royal Artillery in 1995 and has been serving since then. He has long been interested in military history, and its ties with his own family history — which he researched extensively. Ian had wanted to take part in an archaeology dig for a while, so when he heard about Waterloo Uncovered from Heritage Heroes, he enthusiastically applied.

While on the 2017 WU excavation, Ian got to try a few different aspects of archaeology, and remembers “Everyday has been good, it has been good to come along. I am looking forward to doing other things now. On the excavation I mainly did a lot of digging and some surveying, but I wish I put myself forward more, to do more technical stuff, like stratigraphy, technical drawing… So it has set me up to continue now, put me in a mind that I’d like to carry on: I’ll volunteer, get involved in archaeology in Yorkshire where I live — and fill in more of my Archaeology Skills Passport.”

Ian has since then been in touch with Operation Nightingale, and is hoping to get on excavations with them before the end of 2017.

Ian in 2017