The Follow On Programme offers the opportunity for continued contact with Waterloo Uncovered through one of our experienced coaches and Wellbeing Team.
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Once a veteran's original programme has ended, contact is maintained for a further 12 months.  This enables better monitoring of welfare, signposting of any further need, offering information and guidance and ensuring nobody misses out on further opportunities such as museum visits, online lectures, reunions or other archeological events.  

Participation is entirely optional and usually takes the form of a catch up telephone call or video call with our dedicated coach at least every quarter.  Many people so far this year have found it so useful they have requested to catch up more frequently.  Often, the session is an informal chat but occasionally beneficiaries take full advantage of having dedicated time with an experienced professional coach to learn about new ways to think, prioritise or to overcome unhelpful feelings to name but a few.

Quote reading I am in a better place since starting the sessions with my coach and can't thank him enough for all his professionalism and knowledge with a calming nature. His input into my health and wellbeing is greatly appreciated and welcomed. Attributed to Follow On Participant.
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