John Ashworth

Summer excavation 2017

John comes from Yorkshire, and throughout his time with Waterloo Uncovered, he has had quotes, puns and anecdotes for every occasion. Passionate and very knowledgeable about history, he had however not tried his hand at archaeology before.

Hearing about Waterloo Uncovered through Walking With the Wounded, John was, at first, hesitant to leave the U.K. for two weeks with a bunch of strangers. But he took the decision to give it a go, quoting W.B. Yeats: “There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met”.

For two weeks, John worked in Phil Harding’s trench by the North Gate of Hougoumont, uncovering part of the foundations of a huge building that stood in the courtyard at the time of the battle. But he said what he’s found most of all, is a sense of peace. “I don’t have a favourite part, it’s all been good. I will have some nice memories to look back on, and I’m not the same man I was two weeks ago. People believe in me, so I must believe in myself.”

Believe in him we do, and John is now attending Northern College, taking courses in History and IT — to further his knowledge about the past but also keep up with the 21rst century and his WU friends by mastering the internet.

John in 2017