John Phillips

British VSMP
Past participant 2016

The British Limbless Ex-Service Men Association (BLESMA) offered its members the opportunity to join the Waterloo Uncovered team of 2016. John, a Falkland’s veteran, therefore signed up and was excited to try something new. He’d always been interested in watching archeology, but had never actually done any before. “I also visited the site as a tourist 40 years ago and often wondered what would be under the ground,” he added, “so here I am trying to find out!” John was happy to confirm that after two weeks he got all he came for: “I learned a great deal about the battle, got to meet new people, learned about their experiences and most importantly, it got me out of my armchair! The whole experience has been very good and I am very grateful to the charity. When I get home I will certainly advertise the project to make people aware of it and show them what a great time I had.”
John in 2016