Keanie Trick

Serving Soldier
Summer excavation 2017

Keanie enlisted at 16, and went on to become an aircraft technician with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Following a back and hip injury, she joined a Personnel Recovery Unit in 2016. This is where she heard about the Waterloo Uncovered — and having always been keen on history and interested in archaeology, she joined the 2017 summer excavation.

Keanie took on the two weeks with an unshakeable morale, taking part in the digging but also giving a hand to the finds team, and the communications team. She also helped with a photography project, walking around Hougoumont to take pictures of the farm reproducing historical pictures of the it.

While she is hoping to get back to her military career as soon as her injuries have healed, Keanie obviously enjoyed the archaeology. And since the end of the WU 2017 summer excavation, she has been spotted on a number of archaeological digs in the U.K. and abroad — on some occasions reuniting with fellow archaeologist and veteran participants to Waterloo Uncovered.

Keanie in 2017