Lewis Smythe

British VSMP
Past participant 2016

Knowing that Lewis is really into history, Combat Stress put Lewis in touch with Waterloo Uncovered. “I wanted to join to get more knowledge on the battle and get a better understanding of what it must have been like”, he said. “It’s hard to imagine what those soldiers have been through, with thousands of men charging at you. In Afghan I didn’t always know who was charging at me, while back then it was such different tactics.” Lewis indeed expanded his knowledge and experienced the joy of archaeology. “I really liked finding things! And I know it’s not all about that, as Emily keeps on telling me, but it’s just the best thing to pick up something thinking wow! Someone shot this out of his rifle over 200 years ago, that’s pretty amazing!” Besides the archaeology, Lewis also loved the people on site. “It’s been good for me because with the soldiers and the vets I can feel normal again. Back home I’m just another person but with veterans you can be your old self again, with the dark humour and the banter. It’s a privilege to be here.”
Lewis in 2016