Rob Steel

British VSMP
Past participant 2016

After serving 6 years in the army, Rob wanted to help other veterans with psychological and physical injuries. He got in touch with Waterloo Uncovered through the charity Breaking Ground Heritage, and was more than happy to be invited to come over. About his experience at the farm he said, “Before coming over here I was hoping to get some experience in archeology, but after the two weeks, I got a lot more than that.” He’s met a very interesting bunch of people, loved hanging out with veterans and serving soldiers and had an absolutely brilliant time. On his last day at site, he said “I already want to get back out and do it again”.

Since the 2016 dig, Rob has kept on taking part in every excavation available to him, and in September 2016, he started a BA Archaeology at University of Winchester, and is now well on his way to become an archaeologist.

Rob in 2016