Steven Dewhirst


British VSMP Participant

Steve joined the Waterloo Uncovered 2017 excavation while serving in the Royal Signals. Following an injury, he was waiting to find out whether he will be medically discharged and heard about WU through his chain of command. He was keen to try archaeology for the first time, and who knows, add it to possible future careers? As he said, “if you’re given a chance to unlock the secrets of a battle with such a historical impact on the fate of Europe, it would be silly not to go!”

After two weeks in Waterloo, he thought that “The whole thing was incredible. Amazing people, amazing time. I’m taking home a bad back, that’s about it. Amazing memories and friends for life essentially.”

The only downside, he confessed on the last day, was “I’m tired though! But you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs!”

Steve in 2017