Our 2.6 Challenge ends at midnight on the 18th of June, after our marathon 26-mile march to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. Join us in looking back on some of our supporters’ best 2.6 Challenges, and find out how you can donate – it’s your last chance to support us before the campaign ends!

The Killing Ground of Hougoumont

Waterloo Uncovered’s Archaeological Director Tony Pollard explains how the area just beyond the wall of the formal garden of a Belgian Chateau became known as the ‘Killing Ground’, the scene of some of the bloodiest fighting of the Battle of Waterloo.

Archaeological Techniques in Action

In the second lecture of our Lockdown Lectures series, WU Archaeological Director Dr Stuart Eve gives an introduction to the archaeological techniques we use at Waterloo, including why we dig where we dig and how we locate and record our finds.

The Human Cost (2019)

Find out more about our amazing discoveries, including some of the only human remains found on the battlefield. This is the second film in a series covering our dig of 2019.

June Dig Diary Part 1

Catch up on the latest Waterloo Uncovered news, including your chance to get involved in
creating a large scale diorama of Waterloo; an update on our 2.6 Challenge campaign; and the launch of our brand new Lockdown Lectures series.

The Battle to Save Lives (2019)

Learn all about what we discovered when we excavated at Mont-Saint-Jean, the main Allied field hospital during the Battle of Waterloo. This is the first film in a series covering our dig of 2019.