A Tale of Two Buttons

In the second of Phil Harding’s Lockdown Lectures for Waterloo Uncovered, Phil explains how archaeology can connect us to the people of the past, and how even the smallest items of personal kit can tell the stories of forgotten soldiers. Watch now to find out more about the buttons of Hougoumont, lost during the Battle of Waterloo and rediscovered last year during our excavation at the famous North Gate.

Battle for the North Gate

In a special Lockdown Lecture for #WaterlooWeek, Time Team’s Phil Harding talks us through the battle within a battle that took place at Waterloo, and, according to the Duke of Wellington, turned the tides of the battle in the Allies favour: the Battle for the North Gate at Hougoumont!

Impact 2019

Peace from War: 2019 Impact ReportRead about the findings of our 2019 excavation and an evaluation of our nine-month Veteran and Serving Military Personnel Support Programme.Download the full report as a PDF document (10MB)A report by Waterloo Uncovered reveals how archaeological work on the battlefield of Waterloo is helping veterans and serving military personnel with recovery from some of the …

Archaeology Videos

Home→Untitled Page→archaeologyarchaeology VideosA series of short films about what we’ve uncovered on the Waterloo battlefield from 2015 to present day. 1st July 2023 Tracing an Ancestor Armed with nothing but a name and a family heirloom, join our Finds Programme team as we explore an exciting …Read More 29th June 2023 2022 Excavation Retrospective Catch up on all the discoveries …