New Year’s Dig Diary

In the first Dig Diary of 2021, we learn how one of our veteran participants has been helping in the fight against COVID as a tester; how
Waterloo Uncovered has inspired an archaeology degree; and we meet a participant of our Virtual Support Programme which kept veterans going through lockdown.

December Dig Diary

In the last Dig Diary of 2020, we review a challenging but successful year, and look ahead to the future of Waterloo Uncovered.

November Dig Diary

In this special fundraising edition of Waterloo Uncovered’s Dig Diary, we bring you news of a brave skydiving challenge, our plans for a word record breaking relay on the Rock of Gibraltar, and a very special request from our own Phil Harding!

October Dig Diary

In this month’s dig diary, we look at the effect coronavirus has had on archaeology, update you on an upcoming miniature model of Waterloo, and tell you about our future plans with the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans…

July Dig Diary

Read on to find out what Waterloo Uncovered have been up to in July, including our nomination for a Charity Times Award, test pitting in our gardens, a graduation, and a look back at last year’s highlights!