A Tale of Two Buttons

In the second of Phil Harding’s Lockdown Lectures for Waterloo Uncovered, Phil explains how archaeology can connect us to the people of the past, and how even the smallest items of personal kit can tell the stories of forgotten soldiers. Watch now to find out more about the buttons of Hougoumont, lost during the Battle of Waterloo and rediscovered last year during our excavation at the famous North Gate.

Remote Sensing and GIS

Wondering about the cutting edge archaeological technology we use to survey the battlefield of Waterloo in Belgium? Learn more about remote sensing, GIS and LIDAR with our Archaeological Director Dr. Stuart Eve.

Battle for the North Gate

In a special Lockdown Lecture for #WaterlooWeek, Time Team’s Phil Harding talks us through the battle within a battle that took place at Waterloo, and, according to the Duke of Wellington, turned the tides of the battle in the Allies favour: the Battle for the North Gate at Hougoumont!

The Killing Ground of Hougoumont

Waterloo Uncovered’s Archaeological Director Tony Pollard explains how the area just beyond the wall of the formal garden of a Belgian Chateau became known as the ‘Killing Ground’, the scene of some of the bloodiest fighting of the Battle of Waterloo.

Archaeological Techniques in Action

In the second lecture of our Lockdown Lectures series, WU Archaeological Director Dr Stuart Eve gives an introduction to the archaeological techniques we use at Waterloo, including why we dig where we dig and how we locate and record our finds.

Introduction to Hougoumont

In this lecture, the first in a new series of Lockdown Lectures, Tony sets the scene for the bitter and bloody fighting that consumed the Chateau of Hougoumont, one of the Duke of Wellington’s key allied positions.