Since 2015, WU has run a Support Programme to support Veterans and Serving Military Personnel (VSMP). Many of the military personnel involved have experienced service-related wounds and injuries or suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Taking part in the VSMP Support Programme can help participants rebuild health and confidence, learn new skills and interests and give them the chance to mix with people from a variety of backgrounds. Beneficiaries are supported through a twelve-month, professionally run programme that encourages them along the road to Recovery, Wellbeing, Transition into Civilian Life, Education and Employment opportunities.
In 2021, WU will run three Veteran Support Programmes, alongside the Battlefields Uncovered Course run in collaboration with Utrecht University.

Find out more about how our Programmes support VSMP here.

Listen to the stories of the veterans who participated in our 2018/2019 summer excavations, as they describe the positive impact that Waterloo Uncovered has had on them and their recovery.

Read about the impact of Waterloo Uncovered on the veterans and serving personnel who have participated in our comprehensive Impact Report, which also covers our archaeological discoveries from 2019.

Our VSMP Support Programmes have been developed over the past five years and are run in conjunction with leading experts and an experienced Wellbeing & Support Team. All of WU’s programmes can be explored here.

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