Battlefields Uncovered Course

Battlefields Uncovered Course 2021-22

Since 2018, Veterans and Serving Military Personnel (VSMP) who take this course have been digging deeper into iconic battlefields like Waterloo and a variety of past conflicts which are still remembered today. This fascinating course helps VSMP to recognise their existing transferable skills, build new ones, and gain the confidence and connections to make use of them within and beyond the course. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary, just a drive to learn more and share ideas.

Originally a residential programme, Covid-19 forced us to move online in 2020. This proved to be a happy accident. Not only did participants report the same positive experiences of learning and meeting like-minded people, but the course became much more accessible too. International participants joined us from Lima to Okinawa; and participants ranged from teens to people in their 70’s. Although many were VSMP; students and other people with a range of backgrounds also took part. Bringing people together to share their interests and insights no matter what their background or experience remains at the heart of this programme. Exclusive interactive content from leading scholars and support from experienced tutors ensures a high-quality learning environment, and we are partnered with Utrecht University to ensure official accreditation as an entry level undergraduate course. 

In 2021 the programme will begin in September and run through the autumn and winter. This is a time when many people can feel disconnected or lonely – but our friendly discussion groups and regular social events are designed to help combat this. Anyone needing extra support will be guided to appropriate organisations and professionals by our Welfare and Support team.

I have gained so much knowledge from my fellow students, particularly from the Veteran community. They particularly inspired me to carry out further research on my own as we shared ideas and links in the comments offline. The timing of this course could not have been better as it alleviated a lot of the feelings of isolation throughout the lockdown period. I gained a lot of confidence from Vicki’s gentle encouragement and Kyra’s warm personality. I am quite shy and as a former Signaller, I tend to keep to the rule of essential communications only. I was filled with pride today when a fellow student quoted one of my comments, I felt validated. Their support throughout this course has been wonderful and I cannot thank them both enough. I shall miss the ping of Kyra’s new assignments dropping into my account.

– Nicola, 2020 participant

Course Format

Applications open in May 2021. Following interview and selection, participants will start to meet each other and be sent material from the 10th of September. Discussions begin in October. The course is a mixture of lectures, seminars and interactive workshops.

We begin by looking at Waterloo, where we learn how Waterloo Uncovered’s archaeological discoveries not only reveal the untold stories of the battle but also demonstrate key archaeological methods. We will also explore a range of sites of conflict from through the ages and across the globe. Expert lecturers, friendly discussion groups and interactive activities will help us to consider what investigating conflict can reveal about the past – and about ourselves.

Online interactions take place roughly once a week and last about an hour. There will be around 30 hours learning content in total (including contact time and reading) spread over three months. This is roughly two hours a week. There will also be the opportunity to join social activities. Our online graduation event will take place in mid-December.

From January 2022 some participants may wish to go further still and developing their writing skills on a related topic or hone other skills by arranging an internship with an archaeological unit, museum or other organisation near them – both of which we would support and accredit.

Applications open soon! Contact for more information.