Waterloo Uncovered 2019: Media Coverage

This year, Waterloo Uncovered has been lucky enough to receive plenty of media attention. We really appreciate everyone who takes the time to spread the word about what we do here – Waterloo Uncovered is a registered charity and relies on donations to support participating veterans and aid in our archaeological discoveries. Please consider sharing any of the media coverage WU has received this year to spread the word and help us continue our work!

Several British news articles covered the run up to our fifth season of excavation, and outlined what we hope to find at our new site of Mont-Saint-Jean farm:

‘British veterans in first archaeological dig at Waterloo field hospital’ (24/06/19)


‘Waterloo hospital site to be dug up by team including UK veterans’ (24/06/19)


The UK Taxi news site Taxi Point wrote an article in advance of the arrival of 6 black cabs full of veterans and OTC cadets who visited Waterloo Uncovered via Taxi Charity for Military Veterans:

‘The Taxi Charity to take veterans to explore the fate of the Waterloo wounded’ (05/07/19)


Pathfinders Magazine also covered the arrival of the black cabs and our work at the Mont-Saint-Jean field hospital:

‘Exploring The Fate Of ‘Waterloo Wounded” (09/07/19)


Sky News visited our Mont-Saint-Jean site in the first week of excavation this year and ran a fantastic news piece over the weekend of 13th-14th of July. In addition, they have published coverage of our work at the Mont-Saint-Jean field hospital:

‘Veterans join dig at site of Wellington’s field hospital on battlefield of Waterloo’ (13/07/19)


Sky also published a fantastic statement by former Captain of the Green Howards Andrew Webster on his own personal struggles and recovery, and what Waterloo Uncovered means to him:

‘We can’t save our past comrades, but we can help their veteran descendants’ (13/07/19)


Elsewhere, our own Mark Evans spoke to PRI’s The World podcast about co-founding Waterloo Uncovered, and what we hope to achieve in this year’s excavation. Give it a listen here:

‘British and Dutch vets using archaeology to help with PTSD’ (08/07/19)


Belgian news site Sudinfo.be have also published a french language article about our work at Mont-Saint-Jean this year:

‘Des soldats en souffrance à la recherche des ossements de leurs prédécesseurs!’ (08/07/19)


Check back for more updates as our fifth season of excavation progresses, including pieces by the BBC, Sky News and the Daily Express!