Welcome to Waterloo Week!
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  • Model of hougoumont farm
  • Trench in the farm
  • reenactor at trench
  • Anthony Mulheron
  • Meatal detecting a field

This week's programme

Come back each day this week for exclusive new content:


Our highly successful 2.6 Challenge fundraising campaign will culminate in a marathon 26-mile march on Thursday 18th, the 205th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo – and we need your help! Find out more about the march, what motivates those taking part, and how you can donate to support Waterloo Uncovered's vital work in veteran wellbeing and recovery.


Discover the impact of Waterloo Uncovered in our new Peace from War Impact Report – a comprehensive look at our most important archaeological discoveries, the positive impact of our welfare programme on our veteran beneficiaries, and the highlights of one of the most successful years in Waterloo Uncovered's history.


Listen to our brand new podcast series, Visiting Historians! Each episode will bring you an exclusive interview with some of the world's leading Napoleonic Historians that sheds new light on the famous battle. In our opening episode, Liam Fitzgerald interviews author and television presenter Peter Snow, known for his role as the former presenter of Newsnight.


Our 2.6 Challenge ends at midnight on the 18th of June, after our marathon 26-mile march to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. Join us in looking back on some of our supporters' best 2.6 Challenges, and find out how you can donate – it's your last chance to support us before the campaign ends!


In this extra special Lockdown Lecture, Time Team’s Phil Harding takes us into the heart of the Battle for the North Gate at Hougoumont farm – the site of some of the bloodiest fighting of the battle, and some of our most exciting archaeological discoveries!