Day Eight

Plancenoit and Beyond | Dig Diary

For Day Eight, our daily video explores our newest excavation site: Plancenoit, where Prussian and French troops classed in a bloody battle. Find out more below!

Photos by Chris van Houts.

13th July 2022
Hattie Ford

Creative Responses

We now run five programmes for veterans and serving personnel recovering from the traumas of war - including our Creative Arts programme. We believe that creativity is a powerful tool for dealing with difficult emotions and experiences, and is a valuable addition to any programme. This week our veterans have been offered creative sessions with poet Nick Rendall and artist Shaun Maloney where they had a chance to explore what they've been learning about from a new, artistic perspective.


War Horse or Farm Animal?

At Mont-Saint-Jean farm, in the same ditch that we discovered human remains, we have discovered the remains of at least four articulated horses. Estimates of how many horses died during the battle range from 7,000 to 20,000 - but the true figure is unknown.

Escaping the Heat

Like everywhere in Europe, we've been hit by extreme temperatures this summer. Today we gave our team the option of getting out of the sun by joining in on an art workshop, or by helping out in finds! Finds related skills - including finds handling, identification, cleaning and storage are a vital part of the archaeological process and the preservation of our shared heritage.


Check out our video for Day Eight of our 2022 Excavation, where we learn more about the village of Plancenoit with historian Andrew Field.

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