Day Five

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For Day Five, we're checking out some of our best finds from week one of the dig in our daily video, and welcoming some special visitors to site in our Dig Diary!

Photos by Chris van Houts.

8th July 2022
Hattie Ford

The Life of a Musket Ball

Our finds team are able to tell a lot about a musket ball from closely examining it. The size indicates the balls' origin; Allied musket balls are typically larger than their French counterparts. In addition, markings on the musket balls can indicate whether they were fired, or simply dropped, and what surface they may have hit. One impacted musket ball found at Plancenoit even contains plant fibres within its streaks - meaning it likely hit a wooden object! We're still in the process of examining the dozens of musket balls we've found so far this season, and there will surely be more discoveries to come.

Ben James and Liam at the Invcitus Games

Chelsea Pensioners

The Waterloo Uncovered team travelled all the way from London to Belgium to visit the battlefield - and we weren’t the only ones! This week we were joined by a group of Chelsea Pensioners, who lit up the battlefield in their iconic uniforms! The group met with out archaeologists, including Phil Harding, to learn more about our excavations, and several made their way up the Lion's Mound with some of our veterans for a birds eye view of the battlefield!

History Hit

To end our first week of excavation, we were joined by the team behind History Hit, including Dr James Rogers, who filmed out archaeologists and veterans on site as we explored the archaeology of the battlefield! They'll be plenty of content to come from them - including an exciting documentary and a podcast episode - and we'll be sure to update you when they're released!


Check out our video for Day Five of our 2022 Excavation, which shows off some of our best finds so far!

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