Day Nine

Regiments at Waterloo | Dig Diary

On Day Nine, our daily video explores two of our veterans' regiments and their role in the Battle of Waterloo.

Photos by Chris van Houts.

14th July 2022
Hattie Ford

Meditative Morning

Easy ways to improve your wellbeing include taking the time to sit quitely and reflect on your thoughts, and getting some fresh air while you spend time outside. This morning, we combined both of these activities with a morning of mediation before another day of digging began!


Ornate Trigger Guard

A mystery object uncovered by our metal detectorists this week has been idenfitied as a musket trigger guard - and further examination after cleaning has revealed it to be decorated with an ornate engraved pattern. Hopefully, this decoration will allow us to identify and possibly date the origins of this object after further research!

Dating a Ditch

At Plancenoit, our archaeologists and veterans have discovered a structure while investigating anomalies identified by PhD candidate Duncan Williams. It is currently unclear what the brick walled structure is, however we may soon know when it was built! Archaeologist Emily uncovered a coin at the base of the trench, which, once cleaned and identified, may be able to date the mystery feature.


Check out our video for Day Nine of our 2022 Excavation, where we take a closer look at two of the regiments that fought at Waterloo, which two of our veteran participants this year belong to.

We wouldn't be able to conduct our groundbreaking archaeological excavation at Waterloo, or deliver our life-changing veteran support, without the generosity of our supporters. To help us continue our work and support those who have served their country when they need it the most, please consider making a donation.

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