Find out more about our archaeological programme.

You can explore what we uncovered at the Waterloo battlefield during our 2019 dig through this series of short films. News films will be added throughout the summer of 2020.

Waterloo Uncovered has been digging since 2015. Find out what we have found since then.

Our Finds archive

Our finds archive ARK registers everything we have pulled out of the ground at Waterloo. You can search the archive or explore where each item was found.

As part of our mission to uncover the secrets of the battlefields of Waterloo, we’ve discovered over 6000 objects so far, from cannon balls to bombs to human remains. Read all about the archaeology in our Impact

Explore where archaeology meets military history

It is only relatively recently that archaeology has been applied to battlefields. Before then military historians relied mostly on written sources.

Find out how to get into archaeology

You may have watched Time Team, followed the Waterloo Uncovered project, or seen an excavation taking place. What do you do if you want to get involved in archaeology yourself?

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