We have been digging at the site of the Battle of Waterloo since 2015. Find out more about our discoveries, finds and activities here.

Discover the explosive finds of the 2019 excavation season in a series of short films, recapping all the archaeology - including bombs, buttons and human remains!

Check out lectures from leading battlefield archaeologists on our work at Hougoumont Farm, the scene of one of the most important clashes during the Battle of Waterloo.

Our Finds archive

Our finds archive ARK registers everything we have pulled out of the ground at Waterloo. Explore five years of finds in our database.

Find out more about our exciting archaeological discoveries and programme of veteran support in our comprehensive publications and technical reports from 2015-2020.

Explore where archaeology meets military history

Learn more about what Battlefield Archaeology involves, and what we can uncover on battlefields like Waterloo.

Find out how to get into archaeology

Learn what archaeology is all about, how we use it to uncover the secrets of Waterloo, and how you can get involved in some archaeology yourself.

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