The Duchess of RIchmond's Ball

Waterloo Uncovered at Chalke Valley History Festival

The Duchess of Richmond’s Ball by Robert Alexander Hillingford.

This year, Waterloo Uncovered and a team volunteers from UCL will, once again be at Chalke Valley History Festival.

This year, we’re doing something slightly different, we’re looking at the Women of Waterloo. Find out more about the project below.

We will have an array of finds on display from our last four years of excavation, re-enactors, a chance to learn about one of the most decisive battles in history.

CEO Mark Evans will be hosting a talk about our work on Friday June 28th, 10:15am.

Come and find us during the week!

Women of Waterloo:

A multi-disciplinary project highlighting the role of women in the Battle of Waterloo and addressing gender imbalances in history.

Women of Waterloo is a tabletop adventure and survival game which provides players with intense strategic and tactical decisions at every turn. Players collect cards of various types which they use to survive and accomplish missions in order to earn the most points, all in the days running up to the Battle of Waterloo.

The Team:

Beth Collar – Figurine sketches.

Beth Collar is a contemporary artist who works primarily in sculpture and performance. She has been involved with Waterloo Uncovered for several years, running art workshops for veterans.

 Juan Hiriart has worked in a broad range of creative industries, and currently lectures in the school of arts and media at Salford University. His current Ph.D. research focuses on the potential of games beyond their use as pure entertainment, seeking to explore their representation of historical knowledge.

Katy Moran is a Carnegie nominated author who joined the archaeological dig with Waterloo Uncovered in 2015. She led creative writing workshops for veterans onsite and conducted research that inspired her latest novel, False Lights, which features a strong female character set in Napoleonic times.

Stuart Eve is a professional archaeologist who has been involved with Waterloo Uncovered since 2015. His current work focuses on using interactive media, graphic design and augmented reality to communicate and explore archaeological narrative.

Engaging veterans with contemporary art, archaeology, creative writing and game design…

Workshops (not at CVHF):

A vital aspect of the project is a programme of hands-on workshops for veterans that will engage veterans with visual arts, creative writing and game design. These workshops give veterans a chance to engage in the project in a hands on, practical way which will not only extend their experience of Waterloo Uncovered but will provide them with practical skills and experience as part of a collaborative design process and engagement with the role of women in warfare and society.

Workshops for project participants:

  • archival and gallery sessions;
  • researching, casting and painting of game figurines;
  • character development and creative writing;
  • game design, practice and production.

Please email to find out more about this exciting project.