Day 3 UPDATE – Reading to remember

We’re on day 3 of our two week dig and things are going great! Everybody’s working hard on the unravelling of the battle and our work is paying off nicely.

Emily's team cleaning the sunken way

Emily’s team cleaning the sunken way

Phil’s team has been excavating the base of the walls in the courtyard and now have a lot of information on construction techniques used in the buildings destroyed during the battle. Emily’s team has been doing a fantastic job cleaning the sunken way and the features in this trench are showing up well. Our detectorists have recovered artillery shell fragments from the killing zone, which is a first for that area.

Thanks to Boels, the plant hire company, we now have a mini digger, which was immediately set to work in the walled garden where we are looking for more evidence of the French incursion suggested by last year’s results.

Boels mini digger in the walled garden

Boels mini digger in the walled garden

Tomorrow we will have our “Reading to Remember” sponsored event at the chapel, organized by our film students from Imperial College London. Throughout the day, members of the WU team will be continuously reading from first-hand accounts and histories of the battle, telling the stories and remembering the individuals who fought in it.