Day 8 UPDATE – More info than ever before!

Stu and his crew have been very busy creating a data base. They collected all the data provided by the survey team and put it all into spatial coordinates. This is then used to orientate ourselves and get a very clear impression of exactly what was found and where it was located. By building up accurately plotted artefact scatters we get a clear impression of where particular events took place. Stu and his team can for instance figure out the hotspots in the killing zone by locating every recovered musket ball on a map. Through such precise technology we now have more information than ever before!

All the data mapped into the precise spatial coordinates.

Adding to the high-tech geo references, Stu can also make 3D scans of artefacts, trenches and walls to capture the depth of the found materials in order to add extra information.

Emily talking to the British ambassador to Belgium about her trench

Check out our data base on:

Today the British ambassador to Belgium, Alison Rose, also came to visit us on site. Tony gave her a tour and showed her some of our finds. She also had a nice chat with some of our people and said she had really enjoyed her visit.

Hillery presenting some of the finds to the British ambassador to Belgium

This coming Thursday at 12.00 Belgium time (11 am UK), Stu and Tony will be giving a Facebook live tour of the Hougoumont farm. They will be walking around the trenches to show everyone what we’re up to. Tune in to see us live!