Waterloo Uncovered has been adding to the story of the Battle of Waterloo since 2015.

In that time, we’ve made over 5000 finds; some of them cast new light on critical moments during the course of the battle. Just as important is the ability of the project to change lives today.

Since we began, over one hundred veterans and serving military personnel, many suffering from the mental and physical impacts of their service, have made the journey with us to Waterloo to participate in the excavations. Once there, they’ve discovered much about the conflict – and about themselves.

Since leaving the Army I had become lost in myself as I only knew one life – the Army, but Waterloo Uncovered was a complete game changer for me, It give me enjoyment in something that I had great interest in and it is giving me a new life.

Being a part of Waterloo Uncovered for that two weeks was special to me, as were the people I met along the way… Any veteran who may be struggling could only gain from being a part of that.

I was handed a lifeline. From day one, I felt myself again. I was smiling and laughing with the feeling of being part of a team. The archaeology reignited my interest in history, and I found a new love of model making and poetry. The experience was invaluable in helping with my recovery.

Waterloo Uncovered now offers a twelve-month programme supporting veterans and serving military personnel with Recovery, Wellbeing, Transition to Civilian life, Education and Employment. Read more about our VSMP Programme here.

Please help us to continue our work.

With your support we can:

  • Continue to provide the opportunity for veterans and serving personnel to make progress along their journey to recovery and wellbeing.
  • Ensure that the historical and archaeological legacy of the battle is understood and preserved for the future.

We rely on support from organisations, charities and individuals. Every contribution makes a difference.

Each year the Waterloo Uncovered team needs to be kept clothed, fed and kitted out whilst ‘in the field’ at Waterloo. If you would like to help us with contributions in kind, be it the loan or donation of a bit of clothing or kit – from gloves to boots, trowels to diggers, please email sponsorship@waterloouncovered.com if you can help.