This programme offers participants the chance to gain academic credits from an accredited university course held online, in collaboration with Utrecht University.
Programme Content

Ideally suited to those who may be interested in gaining news skills through engaging lectures and seminars with a particular focus on history and archaeology, participants will journey across the globe and through the ages, starting with the Battle of Waterloo, to discover what investigating conflict can reveal about the past, the present and even ourselves.

Lectures, seminars and interactive workshops hosted by a range of expert lecturers and leading scholars, totalling 30 hours of online learning content spread over three months (roughly 2 hours a week). Friendly discussions groups and social events will be held regularly to help combat the isolation that can be felt over winter. Assessment is based on participation and engagement (no written exams) and graduation will take place online in mid-December

I have gained so much knowledge from my fellow students, particularly from the Veteran community. The timing of this course could not have been better as it alleviated a lot of the feelings of isolation throughout the lockdown period. The team’s support throughout this course has been wonderful and I cannot thank them enough. - Battlefields Uncovered Participant
No prior knowledge or experience of archaeology or military history is needed, and since the course takes place online, it doesn’t matter where participants are based. This programme aims to reduce loneliness for its participants as well as targeting isolation.
Programme Structure

Our Battlefields Uncovered Programme is a collaboration between Wellbeing and Support specialists, archaeologists, museum curators & the University of Utrecht. It provides a clear educational and goal setting structure to ensure participants achieve meaningful outcomes, with an important focus on improving their wellbeing.

Interviews will take place in March and following successful completion of the application & selection phases, veterans & families of service professionals will be offered a place to take part with regular check-ins before the programme commences in October

Stage one - interview and selection. Stage two - onboarding. Stage three - main programme content. Stage four - Goal evaluation and continued support. Stage 5 - reunion. These five stages take place over a 12 month support period.
Sponsors, Supporters and Partners

Annington Homes
The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust
COBSEO The Confederation of Service Charities
University College Roosevelt
University of Glasgow
Utrecht University
Summer School Utrecht
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