Archaeological Finds; discovering them, cataloguing them, preserving them and sharing them is integral to Waterloo Uncovered.
Programme Content

Finds handling presents a unique opportunity as an educational activity that Veterans can be a part of. In our second year of the Finds Programme, we will provide training for veterans to develop a handling collection that they will use to teach others about the benefits of archaeology for mental wellbeing. This programme not only cultivates and fosters a lasting connection to heritage, but it also gives participants the chance to discuss a number of sensitive topics, such as death, loss, injury and trauma.

Participants will build physical and digital assemblages over the period of a year. It will provide them with an opportunity to re-engage with the military community and to explore the historical context of the Battle of Waterloo in ways which may resonate with their own military experience. As ever, our dedicated and experienced team will be alongside participants every step of the way to ensure that their wellbeing is a priority and that appropriate support is provided as needed.

I was thrown into the virtual world which was hard to adapt, however support from the WU team made this transition easier. I love the finds programme and I'm loving this new adventure - Finds Programme Participant
Programme Structure

The Finds Programme is a collaboration between Wellbeing and Support specialists, archaeologists and museum curators. It provides a clear educational and goal setting structure that equips participants with new and meaningful skills whilst maintaining the overarching aim of improving their wellbeing.

Run in the second half of the year, the programme will offer a blended learning experience. The programme will be run virtually and in person in collaboration with WU’s partner, Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA). Workshops will cover finds handling and thematic understanding with a view to building a collection – these will be interspersed by in-person sessions at MOLA's Finds Warehouse in Bishop Stortford. This programme will also offer follow-up sessions and a reunion style showcase at the National Army Museum to finish the programme.

Stage one - interview and selection. Stage two - onboarding. Stage three - main programme content. Stage four - Goal evaluation and continued support. Stage 5 - reunion. These five stages take place over a 12 month support period.
Finds Stories
Read the fascinating stories of some of our finds from the Waterloo battlefield, researched and written by our 2021 veteran Finds Programme participants.

Château d’Hougoumont
The North Gate of Hougoumont farm
Hougoumont Farm was on Wellington’s far right flank. Find out more about the objects that give us an insight into Hougoumont around the time of the battle...

Life of a Musket Ball
A participant and Finds Officer cleaning musket balls on site in 2019
Musketballs show us where and how battles took place; illustrating the technology of warfare in 1815 and the violence of the battle.

James Callum
James Callum's silver snuff box
One of the most exciting discoveries in our 2021 Finds Programme has been the story of James Callum. James was a Private in the 71st Regiment of Foot, positioned near Hougoumont for most of the battle.

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