Wellbeing support

Since its inception in 2015, Waterloo Uncovered has delivered a variety of unique support programmes aimed at veterans, serving military personnel and military spouses. Each programme is run by a team of expert Wellbeing professionals, and a range of qualitative and quantitative measurements are taken to ensure beneficiaries are seeing tangible, life-changing results from their participation in our programmes.

Participation is open to those who are already being or have been supported by a charity, regimental association or organisation, including the NHS. Applications are by referral only, meaning the organisation you are associated with should contact Waterloo Uncovered to request an application form for you. A full list of referral organisations can be found here. 

We aim to create as diverse and balanced a team as possible, with a range in age, gender, military experience, and support aims. Applicants do not have to be injured to apply, but all applicants should consider what benefits they are hoping to gain from taking part. Places on the programmes are limited. It will therefore not be possible for WU to take all applications onto the programme, but great care will be taken with those not selected to continue the process, to ensure the application process is a positive one. It should be noted that limited places are available to wounded, injured and sick serving personal as well as veterans, especially those who are facing the prospect of becoming a veteran, but also those who are looking make a recovery a return to work. Waterloo Uncovered does not provide any definitive rehabilitation or clinical outcomes in isolation. The Waterloo Uncovered experience works with a variety of care agencies, and can deliver, for example, a part of a mutually agreed facet of a personalised rehabilitation programme or a Graded Return to Work Programme (GROW).
Programme Stages

All Waterloo Uncovered Programmes are 12-month processes, consisting of five phases.


In 2023, the Wellbeing Team will trial a new model, the Five Steps to Mental Wellbeing, following in the footsteps of a variety of major wellbeing and mental health bodies. The Five Steps are an evidence-based approach which suggests we can all take steps to improve our wellbeing. By choosing to build these steps into your life and daily routine, you can potentially feel happier and more positive. Waterloo Uncovered will adopt the Five Ways to Mental Wellbeing as the framework for all our programmes going forward. They further underpin our engagement with those the Charity seeks to support, not only for the duration of specific programmes but as a model for life. All five steps will be woven throughout Waterloo Uncovered programmes and will form the basis for developing mutually negotiated goals for beneficiaries.
Connect, Learn, Be Active, Take Notice, Give
Measuring Results

Tackling Loneliness
Our Battlefields Uncovered and Hidden Histories Programmes utilise the ONS (Office for National Statistics) guidance for measuring loneliness. This is used to determine the course’s effectiveness at tackling loneliness in veterans.
Goal Setting
Before each programme begins, beneficiaries are asked to determine a number of goals they wish to achieve while taking part in the programme, with support from the Wellbeing Team, who measure their progress towards meeting these goals.
Each programme utilises the Warwick- Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS). Measurements are taken before, during and after each programme, to measure the positive impact of the programme on our beneficiaries.

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