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One of our aims at Waterloo Uncovered is to share our stories and discoveries with you! So we’re bringing you exclusive research about the battle site in our Project Review - Volume 1

The first volume of our Project Review covers the four excavations we’ve run between 2015 and 2016. In magazine format, it reveals how veterans and archaeologists have been working side by side to unearth new information about the battle. It covers a range of other activities that have contributed to our knowledge of the site — including metal detecting, geophysics, and more — and tells the stories of those who have taken part in the digs.

Throughout the project, we have not only transformed our understanding of the battle, but the lives of those that have participated. Over 70 veterans and serving personnel have been involved in our excavations. The Project Review outlines how we’ve measured the benefits for them, including mental health and general well being. We aim to support more of the military community as we continue to excavate at the battle site.

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