December Dig Diary

In the last Dig Diary of 2020, we review a challenging but successful year, and look ahead to the future of Waterloo Uncovered.

Countdown to Christmas

Join Waterloo Uncovered for our Countdown to Christmas, where we recap the highlights of 2020 with facts about our year. Each fact is accompanied by the regimental march of one of the regiments that fought at Waterloo, performed by Jack West-Sherring!

Archaeology Lectures at Waterloo

Archaeology Lectures Join a team of international experts for our brand-new lecture series, featuring gripping new perspectives on the battle, the latest news about our dig discoveries, and the techniques archaeologists use to uncover the secrets of the past. Archaeology Lectures An Introduction to Waterloo Uncovered Archaeologist Sam Wilson gives an introduction to the Waterloo Uncovered project, including a summary …

Reading in the church at waterloo


Acknowledging the impact of war on people through the ages is a very important part of the work of Waterloo Uncovered. Here, some of our previous participants – men and women who have served themselves – offer their reflections on their own experiences and on the accounts left by the people who fought and suffered in the battle 200 years ago, in Waterloo Uncovered’s annual act of remembrance, Reading to Remember.

November Dig Diary

November Dig Diary

In this special fundraising edition of Waterloo Uncovered’s Dig Diary, we bring you news of a brave skydiving challenge, our plans for a word record breaking relay on the Rock of Gibraltar, and a very special request from our own Phil Harding!

Waterloo Uncovered Needs You!

Phil Harding, known for his work on Channel 4’s Time Team and one of Waterloo Uncovered’s Archaeological Supervisors, recaps the highlights from our Lockdown Lecture series and has a special request for our viewers and supporters. Can you help us continue our work?

Our Story

Working in partnership with some of Europe’s top universities, and through the unique perspective of a team comprised of archaeologists, veterans, and serving soldiers, Waterloo Uncovered aims to understand war and its impact on people — and to educate the public about it.

October Dig Diary

In this month’s dig diary, we look at the effect coronavirus has had on archaeology, update you on an upcoming miniature model of Waterloo, and tell you about our future plans with the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans…

The Siege of Hopton Castle

In our final Lockdown Lecture of the summer, Time Team’s Phil Harding describes one of his favourite excavations from his Time Team days: the site of Hopton Castle in Shropshire, which was under siege during the English Civil War.