June Dig Diary Part 2

Catch up on the latest Waterloo Uncovered news including a new comic, a look back at #WaterlooWeek and an update on our Summer School programme.

June Dig Diary Part 1

Catch up on the latest Waterloo Uncovered news, including your chance to get involved in
creating a large scale diorama of Waterloo; an update on our 2.6 Challenge campaign; and the launch of our brand new Lockdown Lectures series.

April Dig Diary

Welcome to the April edition of Waterloo Uncovered’s Dig Diary! Read on to find out what the WU family have been up to, including an exciting TV appearance, a new PhD project, volunteering during the coronavirus crisis and beginning an exciting new fundraiser.

Close up of Mont Saint Jean Bones

Spring Dig Diary

WU’s Spring Update – find out about what we’ve been up to in 2020… from being published to winning awards, it’s all go!

Dig Diary Day 9: Bombs and Buttons

An Explosive Discovery In a field in the vicinity of Mont-Saint-Jean farm, an earth-shaking find was discovered yesterday afternoon. Serving Coldstream Guardsman Oliver Horncastle, whom you may remember as the lucky man who discovered both the first find of the 2019 season and a Coldstream Guards button at Hougoumont, picked up a large signal while metal detecting in a cornfield …

Dig Diary Day 8: Poignant Proof of the Human Cost of Battle

A Possible Amputation Pit? In the orchard of Mont-Saint-Jean, Waterloo Uncovered’s metal detectorists picked up a signal that indicated the presence of a large metal object, which was promptly excavated by a team of archaeologists, students and veterans. Although it is too degraded to identify at this time, it may be the remains of an ammunition box, or simply a …

Dig Diary Day 7: Military Medicine and Well Diving

Military Medicine at Mont-Saint-Jean This morning, retired consultant,  curator of the Royal College of Surgeons and curator of the Military Surgical Museum at Ferme de Mont-Saint-Jean Dr Mick Crumplin kindly gave our veterans, archaeologists and students a tour of the Ferme de Mont-Saint-Jean museum, which houses his personal collection of medical artefacts relating to the era of the Battle of …

Dig Diary Day 6: Mass Musket Balls and Scots Guard Buttons

It’s the first day of our second week here at Waterloo Uncovered! After a weekend of recovering from their exhausting hard week last week, the team are back and ready to do it all over again. Waterloo Uncovered: Live! You might have seen Waterloo Uncovered live this morning on BBC Breakfast, where Professor Tony Pollard and Waterloo Uncovered co-founder Mark …

Waterloo Weekend Diary: Weapons, Women and Wet Weather

#WaterlooWeekend Open Day The working week may be over, but a group of veterans, archaeologists and students donned their hi-vis jackets regardless yesterday morning. Their destination was Hougoumont farm, and not even a brief spell of torrential rain could stop them! On Saturday we held our annual #WaterlooWeekend open day event, where we opened up the gates of Hougoumont – slightly less …