The Art of Waterloo

The Battle of Waterloo has inspired artists, poets and writers for centuries. To coincide with our Creative Arts Programme, we’ve decided to highlight our favourite pieces of art associated with Waterloo!


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Join a team of international experts for our brand-new lecture series, featuring gripping new perspectives on the battle, the latest news about our dig discoveries, and the techniques archaeologists use to uncover the secrets of the past.

Waterloo Pubs

The Battle of Waterloo had a huge influence on British history – and British pub names! There are dozens of pubs in the UK with names relating to the Battle of Waterloo, Wellington and Napoleon. Find your local with our new map.

Countdown to Christmas with music performed by Jack West-Sherring

Countdown to Christmas

Join Waterloo Uncovered for our Countdown to Christmas, where we recap the highlights of 2020 with facts about our year. Each fact is accompanied by the regimental march of one of the regiments that fought at Waterloo, performed by Jack West-Sherring!