Day Six

Welcoming our Supporters | Dig Diary

On Day Six, we welcomed some of our biggest supporters to Mont-Saint-Jean! Learn more in our Dig Diary and daily video below.

Photos by Chris van Houts.

11th July 2022
Hattie Ford

Welcoming our Supporters

On the first day of our second week, we welcomed some of our biggest supporters to site! Our supporters were treated to a tour of our exacation site at Mont-Saint-Jean, led by our archaeologists, along with a workshop on metal detecting led by detectorist Moos, and a discussion on how Waterloo Uncovered supports veterans' wellbeing with Welfare Officer Rod and veterans Mick, Jamie and Michelle. We hope everyone had a great time and we look forward to meeting even more supporters at future events!


Waterloo Descendant Returns

One of our guests was Christine Dabbs, the great-great-great grandniece of Matthew Clay, a Coldstream Guardsman who wrote one of the most famous first hand accounts of the Battle of Waterloo. At the end of a day of learning about the charity's work, she said:

"We’re so pleased with the Waterloo Uncovered project – it keeps the memory alive of the battle, and the losses of not just Great Britain but everyone who fought and died. There were so many lives lost – my ancestor lived to tell his tale, but Waterloo Uncovered is still keeping the memory of him and all his comrades alive."

A Simple Spoon

Sometimes the simplest objects can tell the biggest stories. Domestic objects like this ornate pewter spoon, which has been preliminarily identified as a Dutch wedding spoon from the late 18th to early 19th century, reminds us that the Waterloo battlefield is not only a place of war, but a place where normal people lived their everyday lives before and after the Battle.


Check out our video for Day Six of our 2022 Excavation, when we welcomed some of our biggest supporters for a tour of our site!

We wouldn't be able to conduct our groundbreaking archaeological excavation at Waterloo, or deliver our life-changing veteran support, without the generosity of our supporters. To help us continue our work and support those who have served their country when they need it the most, please consider making a donation.

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