Day Three

Spotlight on Mont-Saint-Jean | Dig Diary

It's Day Three, and the finds are coming thick and fast - we've unearthed our first musket balls of the season! Check out our latest video recap and dig diary to learn more...

Photos by Chris van Houts.

6th July 2022
Hattie Ford

First Musket Balls

We've unearthed the first musket balls of the season at Plancenoit! So far, a dozen musket balls have been discovered by our metal detecting team - and we're sure there will be plenty more to come. The majority of the musket balls found so far are French, which are easy to distinguish from Allied musket balls due to their smaller size. From the distribution of these musket balls, we will be able to more accurately map out the bloody fighting that took place here between Prussian and French troops.

Ben James and Liam at the Invcitus Games

Jesus of Plancenoit

One find from Plancenoit has gotten everyone talking - what initially appeared to be a chunk of metal has instead revealed itself to be a bronze model of Jesus! Investigations are ongoing to determine what period the piece is from and how exactly it ended up buried at Plancenoit. Other finds from Plancenoit include our first coin (Napoleon III), a large chain, an ornate spoon, and several buttons. We're excited to see what else we find as the week continues!

Check out our video recap of day three of our 2022 Excavation, which shines a spotlight on Mont-Saint-Jean farm.

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